Thursday, June 9, 2011

Random Thoughts: The Sun, The Burn, The Bunga Bunga.

I wish it was this cold yesterday when my sunburn was in full force, but the cool breeze still feels good on my very red skin.

Sun burns are weird. I mean for one thing they look trashy, not as trashy as a hickey but still trashy and for another the whole concept is just strange. I mean, that the defense mechanism? Surely there could be a better adaptive quality that white people's skin could have developed over time, but no. We still turn into lobster-like creatures.

I have an article this week in the Boulder Weekly. You can click here for the online print version, Gentlemen Start Your Symbolism.

Twas exciting seeing my article in print. It's been so long, much more rewarding than online--though being able to see how many people at least click on it when it's online is pretty satisfying. It's hard to tell how many people read the print versions.

It's also weird when my feet fall asleep. Obviously it's a sign that I should get my big booty off of them, but them getting all tingly and numb--who designed this thing?

I've started reading this article in the New Yorker, it's talking about Bunga Bungas which I guess are like italian orgies. Personally, I think more people should join orgies. Not that I've ever done it; but maybe if more people joined that's why I'd have to call it. Muhaha.

Almost every time it rains that song from Grease pops into my head, "it's raining, on prom night, my hair is a mess...."

And I always seem to wear my glasses when it rains, which is very counterproductive to seeing while walking outside.

I like getting emails. So. Pop into my inbox sometime.

In between projects I am. Questioning my next move. Thinking about inventing something and then making an infomercial. Still need to make my hipster-trailer-park infomercial, if anyone wants to help let me know. Free PBR and velvet paintings (with purchase of trailer).

Yep. I could keep this up all day, but a girl's got to eat. (BBQ Tofu sandwiches, don't be jealous).

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