Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Got Out of Bed in the Morning! In the Morning!

This is day two of waking up with most of the morning still available. It's sort of weird.

Now that I have a job, even though I'm working from home, I feel the need for more responsibility in my life. And by that I mean waking up and working when most other people are working.

Plus I do really enjoy the morning, the quiet, the soft sunlight; I just don't enjoy the literal part of getting out of bed. It's one of the most painful things to do.

Developing a schedule is actually more important to me than I thought. And I bought a planner yesterday, which actually excites me. I love to organize! For a few months I even considered becoming a professional organizing, though I don't really know how one goes about getting that kind of job.

It's satisfying to see something in disarray become something clean and neat.

Anyhoo, I haven't had any coffee yet. I think that comes across in the boring-ess of this blog. Maybe I'll write something better later (I hope so).

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