Friday, June 17, 2011

We Know Where We've Been, But Where Are We Going?

The other day I turned on Atlas 4D on netflix, a tv series from Discovery Channel that examines our ever-changing planet.

Since watching, I've been just slightly freaked out. It's not like the information was new or overwhelming or anything; I've just had time to sit around and really think about it.

We were once apes who lived in trees.

A simple fact. But it's weird. Really weird.

We once lived in trees. We rarely walked on the ground. We we sort of like birds in a way, I mean because he rarely touched down not because we had wings or a beak or whatever.

And all that hair. . .

Now we lived in dead trees (and bricks and cement etc) and we're all almost bald.

I mean all of this is really obvious but it's taken me until now to come to grips with these facts.

Other, similar things that have freaked me out recently are thoughts about my ancestors and how they were once here and now they're not and now I am. Everything that has ever happened had led to this exact moment, and then the next exact moment.

I wonder what's going to happen evolution-wise with humans, if we don't all die in 2012 that is. Who will change? How will we change? Will there be humans that still lay around, like there are still apes hanging around today? Will those who have "evolved" think of themselves better than the humans?

There is that theory that aliens are just extremely evolved humans time traveling; but if they're so evolved why would they come back? Maybe to fix all that is broken so their world doesn't suck as much, who knows. It's just a theory anyway.

But thinking about all of this time, all of these changes, makes this time feel even shorter. It makes me question my existence. It makes me wonder where I am in the time table of evolution. It makes life seem almost irrelevant but extremely important at the same time.

I am thankful for all of the apes and all of my ancestors because for the most part I like where I am right now. Though, since I didn't like choose to be born on this planet, either way I wouldn't have a choice. So good thing I'm (trying to be) optimistic.
(Have women evolved more, at least physically, because we're all over less hairy? Just a thought)

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  1. What perfect timing for this post of yours - I am wearing one of my favorite T-shirts ( based on this theme right now. :-D