Friday, December 10, 2010

Girls in Yoga Pants Smash the Patriarchy. Absurdity At its Finest.

So when I first started writing for elephant journal I was given an assignment to cover a website called girls in yoga pants. For some reason it's been incredibly popular, which is fine, except everyone who reads it has started attacking me personally, particularly my physical appearance.
Now, generally I have about a 80% comfort level with my body... I'm mostly confident, I workout, I eat decently, I comb my hair, I shower. Whatever. I don't really need the world to tell me I'm beautiful (though a few people here and there never hurts). What does hurt, though, is that people are perfectly okay with attacking other people instead of attacking the ideas. I'd at least find it tolerable if they just said my thoughts were wrong, or my idea was stupid, but saying that my boobs aren't tan enough and my posture is not straight enough, (basing this all on one picture) is absurd and pointless.

The point was that women who send in pictures of their asses are objectifying themselves. It's simple. When it's only your ass, and it's only for other people's sexual gratification, then your ass (hence you) are an object.

If we continue to argue about stupid meaningless things then we are just conforming to the oppressions that already bring us down.

Doesn't it seem strange that we gang up on each other instead of actually paying attention to the real issues?

My tan line is insignificant in the scheme of things. People outright choosing to degrade themselves and then calling it a personal choice, to me, are right in that it's a personal choice, but are wrong in that it is still degradation.

I'm sex positive, when the sex is positive. That is, when it's on an equal level and consensual (this can even include S&M etc. as long as everyone involved is doing it because it brings them pleasure).

But I don't think emailing pics off one's butt is positive. Because again, it's an objectification, and though some people may enjoy being objects, it's still not equal or consensual. As men again, are getting what they want at the price of women needing to be validated by them.

And when I write an article about girl in yoga pants being a problem of objectification it's pretty much complete bullshit to try to turn me into one.

It's an attempt to counteract the issue instead of admitting we have work to do.

It's letting the system tell people how to think (again and again) instead of using any critical analysis to deconstruct the situation and try to make it better.

It's defending the patriarchy. And in that defense oppression keeps chugging along, waving it's ugly head. Festering in the deep dark places of our psyche, telling us it's okay to argue about the insignificant things like the author's breasts, because she is wrong and Big Daddy is right. Always. Right.


  1. I disagree, a lot. Not about the people being jerks, although it's the internet so what do you seriously expect? But the problem as I see it with feminism is that when you force it on people then it's not about equality it's just another form of oppression. So just suck it up and let people do what they want with their own damn bodies.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I actually am wondering why people have to be jerks on the internet, but I suppose that's a different topic. My intention was not to force feminism upon anyone as I find that to be an impossible and pointless task, all I was doing was highlighting my personal perspective on a site I find demeaning. I suppose people can do whatever they want with their bodies, all I want is for them to be aware of the ramifications of their choices (good or bad). Again, I was assigned to do a quick blog post on the topic and if I could turn back time I suppose I would make several different choices and would have taken more time getting more perspectives--thank you for yours.

  3. It's a fun thing to talk about. And actually the jerk thing at least in my opinion is a result of anonymity. People get a sick thrill out of doing the taboo so when you cut out the threat of possible repercussions like a fight they have no reason to avoid indulging themselves.

    I understand that blogging doesn't afford you with a ton of time for research but I just have to wonder why you think what the people sending in the pictures are doing is demeaning? I mean we spend a lot of time doing things to make ourselves appealing to the opposite sex and we all want to be appreciated in a sexual manner by someone don't we? So then is doing so via the internet somehow less okay or more demeaning than doing so by dressing up to go out to a bar?

    Or does the internet just cause a sense of pity by default? I could see that particularly because the way internet dating is looked upon and the view of the online gaming community as well.

    Also I'm glad I didn't bother you with my comment I realize now while rereading it that it might have come off a little bit offensive or rude and that wasn't my intent.

  4. People sent you pictures of their bottoms in yoga pants! really? bless them, why would you do that