Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Room with a View....Or a Whole House.

(part of my view mountain)

Day 1 of house sitting has gone pretty well so far. This may be the easiest job of all time. The main goal is to not kill anything, particularly the cat.

I hope I can succeed; I wouldn't mind if this became a more regular gig.

I really can't complain about the view or the weather both of which are gorgeous.

It's like a mini-residency. Except I haven't really written anything yet. In time, all in time.

I'm wondering if I will get lonely. I can't foresee that happening, I do have the writer's longing for solitude--which makes me feel guilty sometimes. sometimes. We all need alone time. Being an only-child probably feeds into that too, it's just something I'm familiar with--a room of my own--not talking to people--having time to think (writing really boring blog posts).

Anyhoo...this is what I'm up to. 3 days of house sitting and getting my shit together. Maybe I'll have an ah-ha moment or something which will lead me to figure out my future's path...the path of my future, I don't know, enlightenment, magic, existential understanding, a new view of reality. At least a new view.

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