Saturday, June 25, 2011

Babysitter's Club Update #1: Kristy.

Kristy Thomas, President of the Babysitter's Club.
Background: Tomboy, loves, baseball, and is bossy.

Well, here's the low down. Kristy decides she really does love Bart and they end up getting married right out of college. They move back to Stonybrook and have two kids.

But then one day, when Kristy is dropping her kids off at school she notices Jackie, a very attractive 3rd grade teacher. Kristy realizes she cannot continue living a lie. She divorces Bart and "becomes" a lesbian. She even starts her own blog, LesbianMoms4Change. She moves to New York and screws every woman she meets, but theirs one catch; they have to remind her in some way of her pals from the baby-sitters club. She's especially attracted to woman who look or act like Stacey.

During a vacation she actually runs into Stacey on a lesbian cruise--but discovers to her dismay that Stacey isn't a lesbian at all but just part of the entertainment crew.

She leaves vacation disappointed but also happy she ran into an old friend.

Currently Kristy has her kids on the weekend so they can stay in school at Stonybrook, in their peaceful upperclass neighborhood. She works as a physical therapist during the day and watches terrible romantic LGTB films at night while drinking coors-light and crying about no one truly understanding her.

The former club members are considering a intervention, not because they think she has a drinking problem, but because they think she's too sad (though most of them aren't doing so hot themselves--more updates to come).

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