Thursday, June 16, 2011

Say Hello To The People Who Care: Babysitter's Club.

The other night I was laying in bed, I couldn't fall asleep, I kept thinking about the Babysitter's Club.

I wondered, what happened to Ann Martin, is she just rolling around in bathtubs full of cash?

The series sold 17 million copies.

If you happen to be really out of it, the Babysitter's Club started out as series of books, then grew into this mega marketing campaign, with dolls (which I had like 4 of them), sleeping bags (which I had one), shirts, other junk, then a tv series, followed by at least one movie if not more. (Plus there was also Babysitters The Little Sister, Karen book series). I'm pretty sure I owned most of these books; if I didn't own them I know I read them. And there were hundreds.

But now I can barely remember what happened in any of them.

Surely they were important to my brain development.

Yet. Not even one plot line sticks out.

Okay. Maybe one. I remember when Stacy peed the bed at a sleep-over only to find out later that she had diabetes. Nice plot line huh?

Anyhoo. I've been wondering what happened to these characters so next week I'm going to start a new series called, What Happened to the BSC? I'll speculate where and what a character is up to now that she would be around my age. I'll start with el presidente Kristy and work down.

Maybe Ann Martin will find me and ask me to write an adult series. Now that they're no longer babysitting are they still running into all that drama?

Of course they are!

It could be like an even hotter 90210 or Desperate Housewives or something. (This idea is totally going to be stolen... I have a timestamp on this baby, remember that thieves!)

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  1. I LOVE this!! I'm already humming the tune of the movie starts. Can't wait for more!!!!