Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rest in Peace Sugar Booger.

Losing a pet sucks. It may be harder than losing a family member you never really cared for. Because one always cares for a pet. It’s hard to not like a pet with their doey eyes and their unconditional love. They never mean to hurt you even when they accidentally claw or nip or poo on the new carpeting.

Sugar was an exceptional animal. She was loving and licking. She enjoyed m&m's and barking at birds or other noisy incidents happening outside.

She liked riding the four-wheeler and taking walks with my mom down the gravel road.

Most of all she enjoyed sleeping (that's what we had the most in common).

Once when she was a teenager one of my male cousins threw her off our second story deck. Somehow she survived through that but she was suspicious of men from then on out (perhaps she believed in bringing down the patriarchy I don't know, I never asked).

Sugar was with us almost 13 years. That's like half of my life. It's strange to think about that. But she was a joy to be around; I don't think anyone should regret having an animal in their life just because they have to also deal with the animal's passing. We all go through the cycle.

She will be missed greatly but was also loved dearly, and that's all anyone, animal or human can really ask for.

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  1. Awwwww! I am so sorry for your loss, Krystal! She looks so cute! *hugs*