Wednesday, June 8, 2011

If I Could Do Anything: I Would Eat.

I've been thinking about food quite frequently, probably because I enjoy eating large quantities of it. But mainly i've been thinking about our ancestors and I just want to thank them for figuring out how to plant, grow, cook and eat all of these amazing foods. It's pretty weird some of the stuff we do to food. I don't know if I would have ever been creative enough to invent half of the stuff that's out there today (and I'm pretty inventive, hello mini-martini).

But at the same time I'm thanking my ancestors I also am bored. Unsatisfied. Listless. Going to the store and picking out stuff other people (or companies) have gathered for me doesn't cut it anymore.

Of course the solution would be to start my own garden--but living in an apartment complex with barely a yard makes it difficult. I could join one of those community gardens but now I fear it's too late in the season.

Obviously the store is convenient and for most people with day jobs it's vital. I think buying everything from the store cuts out the enjoyment in the cycle of life; cuts off our connection to the food we put in our bodies. And in a way, shuts off an important part of discovery and creativity we could explore if we grew the food ourselves.

But I'm dreaming of living in the countryside, planting and gathering, working in my garden day after day instead of the 9 to 5. If only I won the lottery so I could pay off my student loan debt, buy a cabin with some land, a tiller and a bunch of seeds.

(Option #1 of what to do with my life)

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  1. Oh goody! Looking at that picture, I thought you are the latest prey to Farmville!