Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 3: Glitter in the Sky.

Day 3

I finally sat outside long enough to see the stars in full bloom. Magnificent.

Also, I never noticed the throb of a city before. I can see Boulder from a distance but only the lights pulsating and beating and sparkling.

It reminds me of glitter.

It reminds me of cells.

I think glitter is just a cell of a star that’s fallen on earth to make it shine a little brighter.

“Catch a fallen star and put it in your pocket; never let it fade away.”

The city looks like an organ; a heart, a lung, a liver, always flowing, always shining—it’s there awake, breathing, working, moving, thinking, dreaming, at all times—even when one isn’t watching it closely. Tiny cells working together to create a space we can exist in. Both large and small scale--large like a city, small like our bodies, but that's all science talk.

Can I just say I tire of people who dislike glitter. I mean seriously, what does it hurt? Oh, it gets in your hair. Oh, it gets on your skin. So what? It’s not like a poisonous gas, a pesticide, a pestilential fume. Glisten a little. Get your shimmer on.

Glitter til’ I die.

Word up.

Last full day of house-sitting. I think I got my fill of solitude, though mountain-life I'll never shy away from.

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