Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wow. College Kids Like to Party, Who Knew?

The twitter world is a abuzz with CU-Boulder being named the top party school by Playboy. Everyone tweeting about it seems to think it's something to brag about.

But is it?

Top 3 Reasons It Is Not:

1.) The vote is from Playboy.

2) There didn't really seem to be any standards for the decision-making; CU seemed to be selected based on pretty irrelevant things like the 4/20 "smoke-out" and being near mountains. Also they noted Medical Marijuana dispensaries; maybe people are getting pot that don't actually need it, but it's called "medical" marijuana for a reason and it's not for parties.

3) Value. Being the #1 party school doesn't seem vital for resume building, in fact I would assume it would be harmful.

"I went to CU."

"Oh yeah? Isn't that just like some big party school."


IDK. Whatever. I don't got to CU I just live near it. And I have never been to any crazy outrageously awesome parties here, but I think that's just because I'm old and lame. Or maybe it's because I avoid it.

Perhaps ranking colleges by their party level is just silly; I mean, CU-Boulder is just like any other college town--get a bunch of twenty-somethings in a room, throw in some drugs and alcohol and the night will turn a bit absurd, slightly crazy, and probably really stupid. Does one town really need to be better at that than another?


  1. Yep - sadly, that's where it is going, down the drain! Instead of raising education standards, people try to water them down as much as possible. Instead of measuring colleges by career prospects and faculty, they are measured by "party-ability"! Sheesh! Maybe I am old, but at least I use my brain, instead of "always" finding new ways to kill whatever brain cells that are left behind after a constant exposure to toxic culture! Nice post! Two thumbs up! :-)

  2. I agree with a lot of your sentiment, but just because a school has a reputation for partying does not mean that the school also does not have academic merit as well. So in an interview if some other aspect of the school is recognized as advanced then that should hold weight. I do not really party so I have no need to defend that. I do think CU provides a quality education in certain areas. It is really not the school that provides the party environment; Boulder has had this engrained in its culture for a long time. About the MMJ issue. I think that no person "needs" marijuana and that the medical marijuana issue is a joke, and marijuana should just be legal all together. Most people use pot for recreation, and this system forces them to fake, or conjure, some medical reason why they should be allowed to smoke pot. Too bad, I think it equates illness with marijuana use. When the reality is some people prefer the high off of pot just like some people prefer the intoxication from alcohol. I do understand that some users really do have a valid medical reason, but still the use is a preference to other meds, not a need.