Thursday, April 7, 2011

Coffee, Guilt, Tips.

So I've worked in the food industry off and on since junior high, though I've never been a barista.

I've read several articles about the etiquette of tipping, but maybe they're not accurate.

What should I tip on a small coffee to stay?

It doesn't even cost two dollars.
I always just dump whatever change is left-over and yet today I could hear the barista bitching about his past few shitty tips, which I thought was rather rude.

I'm not going to be shamed or guilted into giving more money. I'll give better tips the more I go and the better I'm treated.

But to clarify, am I really supposed to tip almost the amount of the coffee on the coffee?


If that is the case I'm going to go get coffee less and less and when I have a meeting at a coffee shop I guess I'll just drink the water (which will piss them off even more.)

Maybe I'm just being an asshole about this, but maybe when one works at an establishment they shouldn't complain about the people coming into said establishment until they are no longer in said establishment.

I mean, what's he really upset about? At least he has a job and it probably pays minimum + tips instead of whatever real servers make which is like nothing + tip.

If anyone knows the answer to this I would gladly listen and abide by it.

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  1. I would have done the same as you, unless of course I could afford to pay the same amount in tips as the cost of the coffee itself! In general, I usually try to tip 20% (slightly more for good service, and slightly less for crummy service). Don't feel upset, shamed or guilty - maybe this guy was having a bad day! Look at your FB profile pic, drag out that cheshire cat smile, and drown your madness in the healing smell of some brewed and filtered caffeine (perfect aromatherapy, if you ask me)! :-P Cheers!