Sunday, April 10, 2011

What Would Jesus Sing at Karaoke?

I love karaoke night, but there is no way I could go every week. Is there a reason people choose the same 20 songs every time? If you've ever been you know what these songs are.

But the community is great. I mean so many people from so many different walks of life meet at this one spot just to sing familiar nostalgic songs.

Though last night, it got a bit absurd. We were there pretty early, it was probably not even 10:30 when this very drunk woman got on stage and sang "Bitch," you know, "I'm a bitch, I'm a lover, I'm a child, I'm a mother...." that angry 90's song that every teenage girl loved. Well, she picked that song and I'm not sure if singing is the right word for it; it was more like moaning.

Anyway. She finished, then maybe three songs later I looked over at the table she was sitting at and it looked as if she was taking a nap. Her head was forward, her hair covered her face, I actually am not sure how she was sitting up. I thought she might have been dead.

One of my first memories is going to Sunday bible school when my family still lived in Welda (Kansas) so I was probably 4ish. The memory is of this performance piece basically; an older boy is told to lie down and we're all told to walk by him. So we walk and we walk and we walk and he just lies there, playing dead or hurt or sick or something. Finally (probably by the adult whispering in the kid's ear) someone helps him up. And then we're all made to feel guilty for just letting him lie there, helpless. It actually sort of fucked me up because there was no warning that he needed help and then we all got yelled at; I mean I saw him lie on the floor after instructed to do so, so I didn't think he was in any imminent danger. But if we had Jesus in our heart we would have known it was out duty to lend a hand.

So, at the bar, I still did not have Jesus in my heart. This woman was out of her mind. A man with a pony-tail who I believe was trying to hit on her before she passed out was holding her up. He kept looking around, his face made waves of indecisiveness, lips quivering, eyebrows moving so much I thought they were going to fall off his face; his brow burrowed questioningly throughout the incident. He looked like he might cry he was so confused.

This unmoving, passed out woman was sitting right by the dance floor. Front row to karaoke. And they all just kept singing, kept dancing, unaware that this woman could potentially be dead. Finally someone called the paramedics and they showed up in like 1 minute, it was crazy how fast they were. She gets carried off. And the party does not get shaken in the slightest.

It's good to know people can carry on so easily in the midst of someone else's drama.

Of course I didn't help in any way, but I would have if no one else stepped in. Not because Jesus is or is not in my heart, but because that's what people should do for one another, regardless of their religious beliefs.

So we leave the bar after too many bad song choices and as we do we hear pony-tail guy, now in leather jacket, now drunk, now smoking cigarette after cigarette, retell the entire story. And he wasn't telling it in a very nice way.

I'd call him an anti-hero.

And not the kind you want to cheer for but the kind that makes you question human compassion.

I mean is it better to help out a stranger and then bitch about her/make fun of her the whole night or is it better to just let someone else help if you are incapable of actually truly caring about that person's well-being?

Would any one ever help out a stranger then?

I guess I'd rather have some one help me and then complain about it then get no help at all and die.

All I know is I'm never going to a karaoke bar alone. Things might just get out of my control. I could even accidentally sing Shania Twain or Madonna without ever knowing I did it, and no one would help me out of that mess, that's for sure.
(We can all hope she's had a few too many, wtf is this outfit? That don't impress me much, what what!)

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