Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Internet-Free is the Way to Be.

I went three days without the internet and guess what? It didn't kill me. In fact, I think I may be revived.

I realized that I may be more addicted to the routine of being on the internet than the internet itself.

But I also came to understand that I don't need that routine anymore, I can have a different one and still survive.

I came home to 70 emails. Not bad. Out of those 70 emails only 4 needed to be read.

4 in 3 days.

And they were in no way urgent.

So why do I spend most of my day sitting on the computer checking my email, my facebook, twitter?

Starting today I am going to stop. I'm instilling time-limits. When my time is up I'm moving on to other things like book reading or walking around my beautiful neighborhood.

The online world may be full of fascinating information, people, ideas, but getting off-line is much more rewarding.

Reality: real living breathing people and things I can touch with my hands--that is what I should spend more time with, that is where I should be.

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