Thursday, April 21, 2011

Whose Vacation Pics Are You In?

I've been thinking how weird it is to know that there are pictures of me going around that I will never see. After spending a weekend in NOLA I know that my face is on someone's facebook wall. I just hope they didn't tag me as "ridiculous drunk girl" and did tag me as "super smart sexy drunk girl" instead.

How many pictures are out there where I'm just floating in the background? Or in the foreground with some comment about the interaction.

It's just kind of creepy.

It would be even creepier if a friend was already friends with these people and knew me.


Though, it is kind of neat to think about how we can all impact each other for just a moment in time, be in someone else's periphery for a second; could even potentially change a life if the moment is right, if the conversation is dynamic, if they're ready and willing to change.

IDK...I guess we're already all connected anyway even if we're not all facebook friends.
(How many pics is Tom Waits cousin in? Or the couple? Or the family?)

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