Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Money Can Fall from the Sky.

One our first day in NOLA my friend Lizz lost $60. She hoped that someone who needed it found it. I told her we'd make it back.

And we did.

First I found $2 wrapped in a recipt.

Then 92 cents.

After that I found a ten dollar bill crammed in the cracks of a sidewalk under a woman's heel. It was perfect timing since the bar had a $5 cover.

While in the bar I looked down and found a wad of cash totaling like $17.

Since it was Lizz's birthday we pinned a dollar to her shirt. I guess it's a thing in the south because people added dollars all night. I believe she made like $20. And we got drink after drink from people buying us rounds.

Money returned.

Just another example of believing in the universe. :)

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