Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Leaning In to Eating Less Shit.

I just watched a re-run of the Oprah "vegan for a week" episode. I don't really know how I feel about it. For one thing, everyone seemed wishy-washy, like oh I'll just "lean" into it; whatever whatever. Fine. Lean into it. But do not be afraid.

I think most people are nervous that if they mess up or eat cheese or eggs or whatever that the vegan police will come down from a cloud and spray them with tofu sticky guns until they digest said animal product and promise never to do it again. Slip-ups happen and no one is going to strip you of that label if that's how you generally want to live your life.

And if you're confident in your life decisions people will respect you. Most of the time they won't snarl or roll their eyes--well they might--but then they'll notice your flawless skin, your youthful glow, your exuberant energy and they'll take it back! Unless they're assholes then you shouldn't be talking to them anyway.)
The episode showed all this processed fake "meat." Those products contain a lot of sodium and random other ingredients that people probably shouldn't put in their bodies daily. The Veganist talked about legumes, tofu, seeds, seitan but none of the people seemed to really eat that stuff. Of course, eating a vegan frozen pizza or a vegan burger from a box probably won't convince any one to switch over--but there are so many other foods outside the box (haha) that are delicious. And worth the switch. Vegan cooking is creative, fun, and full of color!

I also didn't really get why Michael Pollen was on there. After almost every vegan comment he seemed to feel the need to discredit that way of eating; just because he likes to eat meat a few times a week doesn't mean everyone else has to do it. And it was a show about being vegan for a week...not a show about why it's okay to eat meat on occasion. Lame.

There were three main points I felt were hidden in the shambles of this messy episode:
1) U.S. Citizens eat shit
2) The Animal Farming industry is shit
3) We should all quit supporting and eating shit

In other words, we should think about our actions and make sure those actions are the best choices we could possibly make.

It's pretty simple.

I don't know why we need to lean into it.

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  1. Yep, no need to yell "Eat shit and die!" at anyone any more - that is what everyone will eventually do anyway, which makes it redundant! :-P Time to be more innovative! :-)