Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Raging the Road

I was a little shocked to discover the amount of anger that was lingering deep within me, waiting for me to get back behind the wheel and release its self. I thought after 3 months of non-driving I’d come back to my blue neon, calmer, happier, but that lasted for about 3 minutes. I’d like to blame the blizzard who left ice and snow all over the road causing major distraction and obstacles. I’d also like to blame all the other people who thought that they, for some reason, should drive on the same streets as myself. What were they thinking? But deep down, I know the only person to blame is Ryan…I mean myself. Myself. I am the only one to blame for the growling and yelling and flipping off and the consent bitching that exudes out my body when I am behind the wheel of any vehicle. Let's all take a moment to thank public transportation for keeping me off the road (most of the time). 


  1. Unless you're like me. When I'm driving, usually everyone around me doesn't know how to drive!