Monday, December 28, 2009

Frightfully tiny tiny Vulvas


I used to get so excited when I looked at my site meter and saw that someone from Japan or Australia or Thailand or Spain or Puerto Rico read my blog. Then I started looking at the entry page. I became disgusted. Pretty much all the people reading my blog from other countries were pervs looking for tiny tiny tiny vulvas. It’s been difficult for me to keep my vuvlacentric work going because, well, I find it awkward. I end up imagining some Asian boy jerking off to a diamond shaped window; or some Spanish freak looking for the dirtiest nastiest vagina to get off to, which I, in no way offer (unless you want to count that dirty deep cave).

I know people have their “things” but I am in no way here to encourage, promote or deliver those fetishes to people. 

The point of the vulvacentric work was to get people to look at our world in a new perspective. To start seeing the feminine amongst the masculine. To appreciate the beauty of the vuvla in our natural and unnatural environments. So. After some deep breathing and reflecting I have decided that upon entering the new year I am going to try again. Pervs or no pervs. 

I personally find the work interesting. It has made me view the world differently as I explore the earth looking for feminine symbols, hidden and obvious, natural and people-made. So tiny tiny vulva fetishers, back off. Take your wiener wanking elsewhere. This blog is not for you.     


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