Wednesday, December 30, 2009

3 Quick Theories on: Avatar

James Cameron's Avatar released recently and along with it came many many underlying theories to be exposed....  

Marxist: The Na’vi (the blue people) are the working class and the white people are the capitalist bastards trying to control through a monetary value-oriented system. In this film we finally see a fine representation of a working class rebellion. The Na’vi will not allow the Capitalists to ruin their lives, the spirits of their ancestors and the lives of their future generations, thus they fight.


Post-Colonial: This theory is perhaps the most obvious in this movie. The White People come over to another planetary system after they destroy their own and try to take over the indigenousness people’s land and resources through force and manipulation. Sound familiar much?


Feminist: The movie reveals a world that possesses a great balance on the planet, not just between males and females, but between all creatures of their world. It was quite beautiful to see the connecting forces that exist here on Earth but instead have (mostly) been brutally raped and destroyed by industrial patriarchy. In the movie, Pandora (what can be symbolized as Mother Earth) is majorly threatened by over-masculinized forces—the human military, but the connecting spirit and energy, Eywa, of Pandora is so strong it will not be overthrown. 

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