Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Maniac in Green Eye Shadow

We had to take public transportation to band practice because it was finally too cold to walk. On the bus I sat in the very back. I did this because Ryan was carrying a lot of shit and because I like to keep an observant eye of the bus crowd, just in case.

The bus was in no means packed. In fact, it had many open seats. But for some reason, out of nowhere, this older woman came all the way in the back and sat down right beside me. At first I was pissed. Why do people have to do that? Don’t they have any concept of personal space? But, then I started to get creeped out. I looked at her. Then I looked at myself. I was wearing a purple coat with black gloves and dark pants. She was wearing a black coat with purple gloves and purple pants. We both owned black off-brand chucks. I immediately begin thinking that she sat down right beside me because she was a symbol of my older self. Then I really wanted to know what she looked like, but I didn’t want her to catch me staring. I started to get paranoid. I begin wondering how I could casually look over there without her noticing or thinking I was doing it deliberately.

But I really wanted to know what my hair was going to look like 40 years down the road. So. Finally. I did it. The woman was sporting a dyed red beehive… she had on green eye shadow. How could this not be my future?

I didn’t really know what to do next. Should I initiate a conversation and ask her about her life? Her likes, dislikes? Her eye shadow provider?

I didn’t know. I then begin to think that I must be going nuts. I begin to come to grips with the fact that in the future (if not already) I must be nuts. This woman next to me, must be nuts and I probably shouldn’t talk to her. So, I didn’t.

Later, I brought up this whole situation to Ryan. He told me that woman always sits there no matter what. I thought aHA, she is a crazy person, a crazy person who has given herself an assigned seat on public transportation.

And I guess I’m just an egomaniac for thinking the crazy old lady in the purple pants with the green eye shadow has anything to do with me.

(Now, if only I could lose the ego; I’d just be a maniac, and then I would have been right all along. muhahaha.)

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