Sunday, December 27, 2009

100 (or so) Words On: Sheet Thieves

We’ve all been in a bed with someone who does it. Whether it’s a sibling, a parent, a lover, or a friend. The lights go off and the sheets are taken with a swiftness designated to speed skaters.

If it’s a lover the initial reaction is to break up with the selfish bastard. If it’s a relative, wet willies come to mind. But, evolution explains to me that they’re just trying to survive, they, like any other creature of this world just wants to feel warm when it's cold.

Most people probably don’t even realize they do it, until they're woken up by another person yelling at them to stop. But honestly, it’s bad etiquette; the counter-part to drooling all over someone else’s pillow.

It seems uncontrollable, but it's tolerable to a degree—(nothing below 65 please).

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