Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shower Thoughts

The shower seems to be the breeding ground for not only mold but innovative thought, beautiful lines of poetry, and goal setting. The shower is often like that moment right before you wake out of a dream, when a perfect line of music melodies across your mind and you try to hold on to it. You try to hold onto it because it is so delightful you want to share it. It feels so close to grasp yet more times than not it slips away like a kiss blown into the air. Sometimes I wonder if those moments exist just for me. Should I just accept them or should I try to hold onto them tighter?

In the shower I have some of the most fantastic ideas. Sometimes I don’t want to leave because I want to keep thinking, then, unfortunately I begin thinking about all the thinking I’m doing and I realize that I am probably drying out my skin and wasting water and the gas it takes to make that water steam clouds around me.

Sometimes I think I should invent a water-proof recording device (probably has been done) to take into the shower with me so I can let out all wonderful thoughts that I have before I forget them. Then I realize that the only reason I’m even having those thoughts is because I don’t have to. Because the shower is my space to just breathe. To let everything go.

Yet many times, in the moments of unthinking, a clarity sweeps over my brain, making room for fresh perceptions. Clean armpits and a less polluted mind.

I sometimes am lucky enough to find an ounce or two of creativity amongst the shampoo and cold white tiles. And that little dose can carry me through my entire day…

oh what a little warm water and a Clorox scented room can do…

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