Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Trees: Revised

In many different cultures from many different eras of time, green in the winter has been used to symbolize life in the time of death.

In Egypt they used palm leaves; in Rome they used green lights; in Great Britain they used holly, mistletoe and tree branches. People would also decorate firs and pines that were right outside their doors.

But then, Americans decided to, of course, do it differently. Yes, some jackass thought it made sense to start chopping down trees and putting them inside one’s home. Isn’t this symbolic of killing life instead of celebrating it?

And now the National Christmas Tree Organization has a site dedicating to “myth busting;” an entire article argues why a person should pick a Real Tree over a fake one.

I have the solution. How about no tree at all? Instead of farmers growing trees specifically to be chopped down for Christmas, how about those farmers growing something that is more beneficial for the world, like I don’t know, FOOD.

I am in no way attempting to be a scrooge. I think if people want to celebrate the winter, by all means. I am only suggesting that we all be more compassionate about what we’re doing. How many people have really thought about why they put a tree up versus how many people just put trees up because that’s what they’ve always done?

I truly believe we should celebrate life. I believe this can be done without killing trees.

Here are 3 Alternatives
1) Decorate the green plants you already have
2) Decorate the trees outside your house
3) Buy a potted tree that you can replant outside when the holidays are over

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