Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Year in Review

Throughout a year I often feel as if I am not doing anything productive or that I am wasting time etc. So. I decided to review my year and reflect on what I've accomplished. (Perhaps next year I won't freak out so much...)


After a year of working for an evil corporate enterprise I quit my job.

This was vital to my spirit and though I am now living off of student loans, savings, and my parent’s support I no long want to slit my wrists every day.

Completed Master’s Thesis Project: Recorded and released Pervertable Tongues’ debut album Syntactical Makeover

This has been one of my greatest accomplishments so far. I found the actual process of this project vital to my continuation within any type of creative work. For starters this was a collaborative project with Ryan, as well as a representation of my Women and Gender Studies knowledge. I had to learn to balance. To compromise. To push through. I had to overcome my lack of confidence and believe completely in myself and what I wanted to say.   


Upon the release Pervertable Tongues started playing live shows.

This has been amazing so far. I love the people we’ve been playing with, the other bands we’ve met, the fans—upon reflection, I just wish we could do it more and do it in more places. I would love to go on a tour in 2010—we’ll see!

I Completed 32 or so hours of graduate school classes

or basically another year and a half in one year. I now only have two terms left and I will have two Masters degrees; I am so ready to be done.


I have dived in deep to a book project. I am writing creative-nonfiction essays set in the time period between completing my undergrad and the “waiting” period before starting grad school (and moving out of KS to Chicago). I’m looking to write 15-20 essays of different lengths. Ryan may even draw cartoons to go with it!


Started this blog.

Love it.


Started abstract painting project

This has helped balance my writing and actually bring out subconscious feelings and emotions that help me in other aspects of my life. It has turned into a type of therapy and honestly it is one of the only things I do only for myself—if other people like it, that’s great, but it has yet to turn into a professional endeavor.  

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