Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Your Poor Poor Car and it's Sad Sad Stickers.

I've decided that I hate bumper stickers. All--bumper stickers. I find them obnoxious, distracting, and rather pointless.

In fact, I think bumper stickers are worse than tattoos. That's right. Why? Because people are often careless with what they're sticking on their cars, but they usually think it over a bit more when it comes to their body4life.

I mean, seriously Boulder--I don't need you to tell me to "co-exist," I really just need you to use your freakin blinkers.

I don't need to know your kid is smart or your dog is your god or that you love drinking Avery or Boulder Beer or that you might be behind the wheel angry mad crazy sad.

Want to individualize your car with bumper stickers? May I ask why? Are you so insistent on people knowing your identity without them ever meeting you personally that you need to plaster it all over your car?

I've seen some really dedicated bumper-sticker-cars out there--and that I can almost accept more than those vehicles, those sad sad vehicles that have just one. One measly bumper sticker that seems to really have nothing to do with anything. Like some business went out and got the car while the driver wasn't looking. Those are the ones I don't get at all.

I'm probably just really bitter right now about all the bad drivers moving around in the same city I'm trying to get around in, perhaps I'll get over my bumper sticker hatred soon... like when people here learn how to drive. So, I guess what I'm saying is, don't count on it.

Yeah...don't you love it when someone else's car tells you what to do! Wohoo.


  1. I don't mind the Coexist bumper stickers. In fact, I wish more people had those. It's good to spread a little inclusive sanity in a country overrun by exclusive insanity when it comes to religion! Besides, bumper stickers are not directly related to one's driving ability. Take a deep breath! :-)

  2. They may not be related but they're more noticeable when someone is driving poorly. Also, pretty sure 87% of the people in Boulder have the coexist sticker--so perhaps I just find it a bit irritating because it doesn't really do it's great in theory but a sticker on your car doesn't really help coexistence. Idk.

  3. See, it depends on the context then, doesn't it? ;-) Trust me, in intolerant old New England, especially CT and MA, it is a welcome relief! However, the drivers here (the Massachusetts Massholes and Connecticut *insert appropriate innovative swearword here*) will give the bad Boulder drivers a run for their money! :-)