Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Will Ally McBeal Grow on Me or Should I Get a New TV Show Obsession?

Random thoughts on Ally McBeal because it is now streamable on netflix and for some reason I am streaming it.

Pretty sure I saw Jon Hamm on the second episode for just a couple of seconds. I’m going to have to rewind just to make sure. Yep. It was totally him. I bet his role was called, "gorgeous guy." Ha! (Looked that up too, he wasn't even listed as a character, poor Hamm.)

She’s always eating something , it makes me think the director is trying to compensate for the fact that she probably never ate in real life.

They had “flying windows” on a computer screen that brought back more memories than the terrible suit jackets and permed hair.

I had no idea Jane Krakowski (30 Rock) was a main character in this show which may be the reason I keep watching it.

Trying to figure out this show...part of it seems feminist-ish but other parts are really really lame (the music particularly). For example, in one episode she’s defending a female news reporter who got fired because of her age and at the same time dating this guy who doesn’t kiss her after their date, she says, “why didn’t he kiss me I’m a sex object!”

In the very first episode she sued someone for sexually harassing her. I mean really? Was she being ironic? Was she being a contradiction on purpose to confuse women?

And what’s up with it often being about her connection to a man as opposed to her just being a strong female lead character?

That episode about her being emotional? Ugh! I mean I suppose that still happens but it's so stereotypical that any one in "law" should be so ashamed even considering such an accusation that you'd assume they'd give up "law" altogether.

Nice try 1997.

What season does Portia de Rosi come on... can I get through them until then? And would it be worth it?


  1. I saw that it was on instant watch too and I seriously am considering watching it. Let me know if it's worth my time, in the meanwhile I am watching Twin Peaks. David Lynch is always amusing.

    Ally McBeal was the reason I wanted to be a lawyer from like 7th grade until I finished my undergrad. But now I can't even remember watching it.

  2. Yes! We're also watching Twin Peaks. We're about half way done with the whole show. The music is about to drive me bonkers! But other than that--it's quite entertaining.

  3. Isn't it amazing? I love his bizarre sense of humor and use of symbols. What is with ALL OF THE DONUT BOXES??? I don't get it. They are everywhere.

    I kind of like the music except when it starts to feel like The Young and the Restless, which I think was actually his intention. I just got to the episode where the restaurant critic is in town. So weird.

  4. I totally agree he's choosing to play that crappy music on purpose but it doesn't help me like it any more haha.

    Yeah, I don't get the doughnut thing either, I think it exists just to torture Ryan (and all other doughnut lovers of the world).

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