Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Women Working Hard(er) for the Money: Walmart and Discrimination.

Women vs. Walmart is a big news story on yahoo today. Of course I had to click on it; I guess because I like to irritate myself early in the morning.

The best part was that two white dudes were the ones discussing the issue. I mean, come on, are women not capable of being seen as authority figures on matters of work place discrimination? We've only been trying to equalize the workforce for decades.

Duh, Women make 77 cents to a male dollar.

Duh, Walmart discriminates.

Duh, we're still not all equal.

And no one can be equal to the power of a corporation.

The question is, how will Walmart weasel it's way out of this one? Because it will and women will continue to get fucked by the system...(because that's what we women are good at right?)

The video ended with the two dudes saying something like, "if this thing does get to go onto the supreme court we'll probably see a lot of copy cats." As if it were a bad thing.

Hello. We need copy cats because this is still happening everywhere. Everywhere.

So, basically, if Walmart gets away with it, every other company will too, nice.

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