Saturday, March 26, 2011

Breeder Bar Biases.

Of course I am always observing gender biases. Yesterday we spent the whole day in Denver and I found it interesting how gendered such a simple thing as going to a bar seemed to be.

One of the first bars was very hospitable; it gives all guests a free shot, something with tang in it, idk. And it also gives all women a rose.

On one end it's really nice getting a gift, on the other I wonder if men are just slightly perturbed that they don't get anything? In a way it's one last fading glimmer of chivalry, but we wouldn't need chivalry if everyone was free. What what.
Then we went to this other bar and Ryan had his camera bag searched, but did they search my bag? No. I mean why couldn't a woman carry a gun in with her to a bar? I'm not saying women or men should be carrying weapons into bars, but that if a bar thinks that men are going to do it, couldn't a man--if he really needed a gun in a bar--have a woman friend put it in her bag? Maybe people just shouldn't shoot each other. That would solve that issue.

And one final note, more people, as a general whole, should dance. Just saying, we would all have a much better time if we all got our "freak on" a bit more.

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  1. Good observations. I often critique "ladies nights" at bars for the same reasons. Is there a reason we are promoting women to drink at cheaper rates than men? Is there a comparable "men's" night with reduced rate drinks?

    I think the issue is that people still expect women to behave in a particular manner (drink less, be more concerned about price, shoot people less, etc) and thus treat them differently, even in bars.