Sunday, March 27, 2011

Can I Get What I Want, Please? Yes. Thank You.

I remember years ago Oprah had this big thing about creating a "goals poster" (though I'm sure there is a better word for it) where one would cut out goals/dreams etc. from magazines in an attempt to visualize ones future and essentially make it come true. At the time I found it almost too sentimental, a little cheesy, but still it probably wouldn't hurt anyone to do it (though I personally never did).

The idea is pretty simple, think about something you want and you will get it. Sometimes, you may have to think longer about certain wants, but eventually if you want it bad enough and think about it often enough, you will get it. And it seems to work for many many people who do it.

Of course, it isn't enough to just think you want to be famous or rich or loved; when you imagine it, it is then that you will be able to work towards getting there. Sort of streamline thoughts into manifesting your destiny or journey or goal or whatever.

It works for small things too, (it might even work best (or easiest) for small things). For example, I really wanted to win this particular cookbook in a drawing the other day. I thought and thought about winning that book; I put my raffle number out into the world, saying it over and over again in my head connecting it with that particular book; only thinking about winning that book. And then I won it! It was freaking crazy. I was pretty excited about the actual winning, but more excited about how I seemed to will myself into winning it. If I could do that with a lottery ticket, well, that would be amazing!

I have tried to dream-focus finding a $20 dollar bill into reality it hasn't happened yet, but maybe sometime soon--though dream-focusing a job into reality would probably be better than a twenty. Ha!

At least I now have a new super cool cookbook!

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  1. Love that look of sheer glee on your face! :-) Glad you won!