Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Americans: Crashing Each Other's Parties for Decades.

Isn't sort of fucked up how much people are willing to celebrate other people's holidays, but only when the holiday includes overconsumption?

I mean, why go out for Fat Tuesday if you're not going to go to church and get ash rubbed all over your forehead the following day. Or give up something for 40.

And what about St. Patrick's Day. No one on any other day would pretend to be Irish. But oh, watch out on St. Patty's Day everyone let's their freckles fly free.
How many people go out for Cinco de Mayo? And why? Because we say one day out of our entire year in Spanish? How does drinking tequila shots really celebrate Mexico's victory over French forces?
I love drinking just as much as the next almost-alcoholic, but what I don't like is drinking to celebrate other people's celebrations.

We are an over-consumption society.

We do all of the fun stuff but we don't pay attention to anything that's difficult. We'll gorge ourselves of food and booze but we won't fast. We won't pray. We won't give-up anything.

We shouldn't be able to just pick and choose the good things and neglect the things that are challenging, the challenge is what feeds spirituality...not the spirits we imbibe.

But it's not about spirituality is it?

Will our society ever get past our collegiate frat stage?

Or will we always be a lost crowd going from drunken fiesta to the next?

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