Friday, March 25, 2011

Fun Fri(Food)Day: Fajitas and GMOs.

Last night I tried cooking portobello and vegetable fajitas for the first time.

And they turned out amazingly.

So simple.
When I served them to Ryan he of course, had to ask me what the difference between a fajita and a burrito was. According to wikipedia, the root word is "faja" meaning belt or girdle. Orignially the fajita was made from skirt steak, which is an area of meat on the cow, that aptly named, is like a belt. Anyhoo, being vegan and such, no cows had to die so I could eat their belts. Ha.

Here's the recipe. Though it can really be your own thing.

In one pan with some olive oil cook your favorite veggies in order of thickness adding a bit of salt with each round.

I used onions, jalapenos, broccoli, bell pepper, portobellos, zucchini and at the last minute I threw in my secret ingredient, bits of pineapple.

In the other pan, I heated up just a bit of the onion and jalapeno. When they were cooked I added tomato (I used canned diced but a fresh one would be better), black beans, pinto beans and a little bit of quinoa I had left over (optional, can also use rice or no grains at all). For the seasoning: A half a handful of ancho chili powder and oregano, a full handful of chili powder and cumin. A pinch of cayenne and a pinch of salt.

Once cooked top whole wheat tortillas with the two mixtures, plus lettuce and cilantro. (If you have a lime, I'd squeeze it over the top).

Then eat away!
Also, since it's Food Friday, I must make a comment on my recent grocery store adventure. Strawberries were on sale. Which made me so excited. But then, when I came to them every package seemed to be riddled with steroid-stuffed berries. I mean, they were monstrous. I turned to Ryan and said, "like these aren't genetically modified."

We bought them anyway.

And of course I feel a little bit guilty.

But it's been freaking months and I love them. Plus they were so cheap and so am I.

For maybe two year my parents had a strawberry patch and I never recall them being bigger than an inch all around. Now I can find strawberries almost as big as apples. WTF? It's crazy. And I know some of the other foods have been treated equally in regards to gmo's but the strawberry seems the easiest to spot. Will try to go organic only from now on.

(Being jobless doesn't really help in the all-organic world, btw.)

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