Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Dreams, The Next X-Files Movie?

I should probably quit watching the X-Files right before I go to bed. The problem though is that the X-Files should only be watched in the dark, and well, when it gets dark it’s much closer to my bedtime.

Dreams are so fascinating—in the sense that they reflect what your mind has absorbed. Why do some things stick and others don’t?

Since facebook I’ve found it interesting who pops up in my dreams, usually I’m unaware that I had any interaction with these people at all, but then I remember seeing them in my newsfeed or randomly coming across them while facebook “surfing” (though many people call it stalking, whatever).

Anyhoo, lately I’ve been having a lot of strange things happen to me in my dreams and I must blame the X-Files. I’ve come down with bubbling infectious swelling pus-filled sores all over my arms. I’ve run-away with a man only to never get anywhere and I’ve gotten in multiple hand-to-hand (foot-to-foot) fights, luckily I almost always win those.

There probably isn’t a worse show to watch before going to bed. Maybe Criminal Minds. Maybe CSI. I don’t know.

But even if I changed it up and quit watching television all together I would read more and then I’d have dreams where I’m reading. I’m not kidding, this happened to me all the time in grad school.

"Reading" dreams are the worst because while it’s happening I feel like I’m really learning something but then I wake up and realize I just spent hours with a book I can no longer remember. And that sucks. That might be worse than being chased. Or having to kick someone’s ass. All that work just to have to start from where I left off before falling asleep. All that work, for nothing.


  1. That last pic is my laptop bg.

  2. I remember most of my dreams, and it has become so common these days that I have given up trying to make sense of them! :-P