Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What Happened to the Mean Girls?

Watching this movie last night I wondered....so here's what I found.

Rachel McAdams

Her last movie, Morning Glory looked terrible. Perhaps I am wrong, but I don't really want to waste two hours finding out. McAdams has done well since her break-out role in Mean Girls, you may remember her best from The Notebook, though personally, out of all the work she's done I still prefer Slings and Arrows. The latest news, which shows just how un-news worthy she has kept herself, documented her slow walk-through airport security. Seriously.

Lacey Chabert

Unfortunately, Chabert didn't "break out" like McAdams. Since the movie she's been in multiple Bratz films, that's right, Bratz, those weird big headed dolls your 12 year-old niece used to play with.
Before Mean Girls, you may remember her as Claudia in Party of Five or the voice of Meg Griffin in Family Guy (the 1999-2000 season). No paparazzi are following her around.

Amanda Seyfried
Out of all the mean girls, I feel Seyfried will be the one to come out on top (if I had to pick just one). Though she's done plenty of romance films like McAdams she seems to slowly be inching her way ahead of the rest. It's really hard to hate her with those big puppy dog eyes and cheery smile. She's been in several works I've enjoyed, Boogie Woogie, Veronica Mars, Big Love. And she had a pretty hot sex scene with Julianne Moore in Chloe (in case any of you all are into that).
She's currently dating the yummy Ryan Phillippe and according to US Weekly they still went out for a couple's jog (people really call it that?) even though he might be someone else's baby-daddy (yeah, who cares, right). Also she is no longer going to be in the new Superman movie because of her contract with HBO and Big Love. Though that probably sucks for her, maybe it's for the best, maybe an even better movie will come along. I can only hope (because I like her and I don't want to watch her in movies like Dear John).

And finally, the infamous Lindsay Lohan
She's in the news every other day and never for anything remotely positive. It's really sad. I'm sure being on public display while one self destructs doesn't help the situation in any way. Though she was pretty great in Machete, at least she knows how to make fun of herself. Or she knows she needs to make fun of herself, either way. Up next for her, a plea bargain followed with jail time.

Bonus: The (Un) Mean Girl!
Janis The Dyke: Lizzy Caplan has done pretty well and looks so much different than she did in the movie. Loved her in Party Down (a tv series based around catering) she was also in True Blood (though I haven't seen the newest season), Freaks and Geeks (love it) as well as 127 Hours (which I also still need to watch, though am skeptical about seeing a movie where a guy cuts his own arm off). I may have a bit of a crush on her!

(And can I just state the the poses some of these women make are absurd. It was pretty difficult to find decent pictures that weren't boring or overtly sexual).

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  1. Thanks for this! I love Mean Girls...such a guilty movie pleasure. I actually like McAdams latest film, morning glory (it just came out on netflix). It's better than it looks. I'm rooting for her and Seyfried to make it!