Friday, March 18, 2011

Real Convenience Food, Right in Your Backyard.

I just watched the documentary Food Matters. I actually wasn't planning to watch it as I felt I had seen plenty of other food docs, but I went for it anyway and I'm glad I did.

Well, not overly glad, often when I finish watching documentaries like that I often feel overwhelmed. I think, OMG, I'm doing everything wrong! I'll never be able to fix myself let alone help out the world etc. etc.

But. I'm slowly getting over that idea. And though I'm not going to go "raw" I am for sure going to get better about eating more raw fruits and veges--which won't be as difficult now that I have a blender.

There were several interesting tidbits of knowledge in the film such as eating a couple of handfuls of cashews can help ease depression. Or taking 3000 milligrams of niacin can actually cure depression.

They also showed pictures of cancer patients before and after going on Gerson Therapy; their recovery was shocking, I never would have imagined that diet could cure diseases like lymphoma.
Anyhoo, what I'm been wondering about a lot recently as I've gone for walks around town is why people don't plant more fruit trees and bushes. Why doesn't our city parks have apple trees or lemon trees or whatever grows locally?

I mean obviously because of capitalism and lawsuits, but if we disregarded that for a moment; wouldn't it be amazing to go for a walk and grab an orange or some cherries along the way?

It just seems to make sense to me.

If I had my own house I'd plant all sorts of fruit and nut trees not just for myself but for anyone who wanted them. And if everyone did that we wouldn't have to rely so heavily on groceries stores, we wouldn't have to worry about where to food came from because it would literally come from our backyards.

Personally, I think it's one of my best ideas--though it's not really an idea as much as an observation. But still.

If city landscapers planted tomatoes instead of flowers wouldn't that make more sense? It would not only be visibly appealing but edible. Everyone would win. (Except when teenagers decide to throw them at people/buildings/things instead, but that's a different situation).

Nothing against flowers, but what about planting more edible plants instead of just planting stuff for visual appeal? I think it would be so amazing to have this happen.

Who wants to help me get it started?

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