Friday, March 11, 2011

Revelation 1: Born a Part of the Left.

Recently I’ve had a series of revelations and because of that, they’re going to be my blog topics for a while.

The first:

My left-handed identity.

It’s been years since I’ve thought of my left-handedness as a source of identity; I actually know quite a few left-handed people, we must all flock together. But after joining twitter I noticed quite a few people stated their left-handed domination as part of their bio. And I remembered, duh, I’m different.

When I was younger I had a binder full of really crappy poems and okay stories, I titled the binder The BLOB, the blue-eyed, left-handed, only-child, blonde. (Today it would be BLOP, soon to be BLOR), at the time those markers must have been important to me for some reason. They described me physically but also placed me in the overall scheme of things.

I don’t know why I have disregarded being a lefty, it’s actually a pretty important marker, like being born LGTBQ or Asian or whatever, we can’t control it. It was not my choice unlike choosing veganism or even feminism.

Lefties know from the age we can throw a ball or write our names that we’re different. We know that the world wasn’t made for us. (If it were there would be no such thing as spiral notebooks).

And I think that’s why so many lefties lean to the left.

We become more sensitive to our surroundings. We pay attention to others outsiderness. We, or at least I, embrace the outsiderness and prefer to be there.

Of course it’s not as serious as other outsider/fringe identities. It’s easy to hide for one thing. And no one thinks we’re demons anymore like they did back in the day. So it’s nice that people have changed. Which shows that people can change their perceptions of others and that outside identities can shift into insider with just a shift of thought.

Not that lefties are insiders, but we’re not an “issue” anymore.

There are fewer of us on the planet and I think most of us who are left-hand dominant are pretty freakin cool.

We should start a club or something. Burn spiral notebooks and move door handles to the other side. What what! Who's in?

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