Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Art of Avoiding.

Lately I've been an asshole, or at least I've felt like I have been behaving like an asshole.

Mainly because I have been working really hard on avoidance. Particularly avoiding things that have been happening in our world, like in Japan, in Tunisia, in Wisconsin. Anywhere really where something dramatic has happened, I have been at my desk trying really hard to not notice. It's actually pretty difficult, when on the internet (especially twitter) to go around these matters.
It took me until today to look at pictures from the Japanese situation.

And I wish I hadn't.

I don't know why I do it but it feels like a human trait to not want to know about bad things I can't fix.

Which is why I also haven't watched the documentary Bag it! Which is about how bad plastic bags are. I know they're bad, but when I find out how really really bad they are I'll probably have a panic attack in the grocery store if I forget to bring my tote. And I can't handle making a scene, thinking about having a panic attack sort of makes me feel like I could have a panic attack.

So, yes, I've been avoiding this stuff.

But I also feel like maybe I shouldn't be. I should probably be paying super close attention so I can decide whether I need to build myself an underground shelter or stock up on food.

I just don't know anymore.

Or maybe I never did.

Maybe I'll just stay in bed and read fiction until 2012...when the world ends.

(though the theory now is that it will just shift...whatever that means.)

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  1. I don't see pictures of the disaster unless I have nothing else to do (rare) because of the helplessness of my situation - I would love to help out in some way (not financially, since a Save Jeet Trust begs some serious consideration), but in volunteering - which, while I shamelessly continue to work for The ubiquitous Man, I cannot do. So there - why add to my frustration on top of the intrinsic heart-wrenching quality of the whole thing? So I abstain, and if that makes me comparable to a certain undesirable (yet, very important, if you really think about it) body part, then here's my response to that: *shrug*! :-P