Friday, March 4, 2011

Thank You Coconut Milk.

Lately I've been hardcore craving a fudge bar. Being a vegan (or mostly vegan) I thought this was going to be a craving never satisfied. But I found these:

(I tried to flip the picture but it wouldn't work)

Coconut milk fudge bars! Yay! They're dairy-free and soy-free. And they taste pretty good even though there's that wood-stick taste like with any fudge bar. But doesn't that make it more authentic anyway? I was pretty excited, though slightly disappointed that they were MINI. Why do they have to be mini? What vegan couldn't really handle a whole one? We eat fruits and veges all day. Give be a big bar of coconut milk chocolatey goodness. Seriously.

The brand has a bunch of different frozen desserts, yogurts, milk and creamers.

The world is changing. And for the better!

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