Thursday, September 1, 2011

Please Stick to the Rivers and the Lakes That You're Used To.

You know, people ruin a lot of things, but there is one thing they ruin more than anything--Waterfalls. That's right.

Yesterday I was at the car wash vacuuming out my car because the fishbowl that was holding all the Sir Richards condoms at the After Party decided to shatter into a million pieces all over my backseat. Great, I know. The car wash that I was at is located on the very edge of town and I knew if I kept going on that road I'd get to Boulder Falls.

I thought, shit, I live in f-ing Colorado, I'll just go sit at a waterfall and gather my thoughts, relax, find some peace and quiet. Bahaha. Bahahaha. Bah. That. Did. Not. Happen.

It was a Wednesday, the middle of the afternoon, during the school year--don't people have jobs? Aren't they in school? Why were they there? And I know-- I was there so why am I being such a freaking hypocrite. Here's why. I was there, sitting calmly, taking in the scenery. They were there yelling and being overtly obnoxious.

Their actual presence has gotten me to question why people are so fascinated with waterfalls to begin with. I mean, it's just a stream splashing down a cliff. The sound must subconsciously remind us of being in the womb or something. I mean, yes, it's beautiful and the mist feels really good, but they seem to have all turned into major tourist traps..."trap" may not be the right word. All I know is it did nothing to ease my mind.

Not to mention the fact that some tourists were being a-holes when I was trying to leave my parking spot--they literally turned in right behind me because they saw I was backing out but then gave me no space to move out of their way so they could have it. Yeah. Really. Smart.

I feel like I may have complained about this before... hmm. Well, my suggestion to the general public (though I know the general public would never read this blog) would be when attending a waterfall please keep your mouth shut. Pretend you're at a library, but like a nature library, and you have to be quiet so not to disturb your surroundings.

Just an idea.

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