Sunday, September 4, 2011


So, today, Sunday, I am road-tripping back with my dad, all the way through the lovely state of Kansas... home. I feel incredibly privileged--but not in that white upper class capitalist way--(as that would be difficult not being upperclass and all) but privileged in that I have and have always had some place to call "home." A place to go back to and feel comfortable and happy to be surrounded with not just familiarity but family.

Because it has been my experience it's been hard for me to realize many other people don't have similar relationships with "home."
(I was f-ing cute huh? hahaha)

And of course, it's different now, going back, and not staying, but the feelings are pretty much the same.

Like I can't wait to sit outside at my grandparent's house and drink beer and listen to my grandpa sing Black Eyed Peas or Blue Moon or whatever the latest coolest songs are out there that I'm out of the loop on.

Or go for a walk down the gravel road and see how the fields have and have not changed.

Or go into Garnett and "run" into people I haven't seen in forever but could never forget and it's like I haven't really been away at all.

And even though my parents have completely demolished my room and turned it into a closet (yes it has always been only as big as a closet) the house itself still represents so much to me--safety, love, hope.

It's cheesy, but sometimes cheesy feels real good (I mean, not literal cheese, me trying to be vegan and all, but yeah.)

I'm excited to chill with my family (and I hope my old friends).

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