Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh, Sweet Country of Mine, Why? Why?

I'm at the airport. Waiting for take-off. I can't believe I had no time to blog pretty much the entire time I was home. I guess there is more to do in Kansas than people think! Lots of people to see anyway.

I've been kind of tense lately. I'm not sure why. Maybe I've just been drinking too much caffeine.

What I really think it is though, is television. There is something to netflix and commerical-freedom.

I've watched a lot of crap while I was home mostly in pure amazement that they even exist to begin with. But I think that what drives me the craziest is the news.

Maybe it's because it's another mega-political season, but the stuff going on is just plain moronic. I cannot believe these are the people we've all selected as representative of the United States. It's disturbing.

The HPV thing just exemplifies it perfectly.

Besides the politicians saying ignorant things, news sources just shouldn't give them this type of attention. These people really should never have made it where they have and it's not entirely their fault.

AHH. I have more but I gots to go get on a plane.

More later.


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