Friday, September 2, 2011

I Hope You're Not Here to Traffick Us.

I'm not really sure how I ended up outside a bar last night, but there I was, with other people who were unlocking their bikes; we were all heading home. But then, these two Romanian guys came up to us and started saying how one of us looked too Eastern European, the other too American, and me, well I was perfect (HAHAHA I know, they seriously said that)-- I looked French.



Anyway, the whole thing was really freaking weird, but then it got weirder. I am about 87% sure that those dudes were human traffickers. And that they were wanting to abduct me and take me back to Romania to be a "dancer."

Why do I think this? Because they literally asked me if I wanted to go back to Romania with them and be a "dancer."

I truly hope they were just drunk and fucking around because if that was their true intent then that is really creepy and scary. And if it is true and they keep it up I hope other women here in Boulder (or anywhere) don't find the offer alluring, because that could end up being the most frightening journey of any American Girl's life. Prostitution and slavery in Romania.

Well, being a part of that anywhere (including women from all over the world who end up doing that here) would be frightening, being somewhere unfamiliar with no one familiar having to fuck men so other people get paid. Yikes.

Yikes. Yikes.

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