Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Baby Got Back Falling Out and Shit.

(I really enjoy how this model is holding kale next to her butt... It makes sense, I'm sure, somewhere,)

This other incident happened yesterday while I was attempting to hike. Again it was super hot out and I had just biked all the way there, which I guess it's that far but it's an uphill angle the entire time. I hopped off my bike, sweaty, trying to pull myself together; right when I did these dudes in this big SUV drove by and one dude so graciously yelled out the window at me, "your butt is falling out."

Yes. From the road, and for only like 5 seconds it took to pass, the dude was able to notice that my butt cheeks were not entire covered by my shorts. And he felt the need to comment on it.

Guess what dude? My arms were falling out of my tank top. My neck was falling out of my collar. My legs were falling out of my short holes. Or maybe it was hot out and nothing was falling out of anything. I was just wearing whatever the fuck I wanted to wear regardless of anyone else's approval.

And, does a little bit of butt really bother people that much? Obviously he was just making an observation. But it seemed like he wanted to make me feel embarrassed, instead I am slightly pissed and annoyed that our culture is so puritanical and yet obsessed with sex.

We can't have both ways. Having it both ways causes confusion and lots of stupid shit to happen.

So I pick the sex positive way, and that includes accepting, loving and being at peace with our own bodies.

I bike and hike up mountains. I have a nice ass. And if it "falls" out occasionally... well, good, it fucking should. Why should it have to hide just because other people are scared?

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  1. Nah - maybe they were the uppity kind who feel like imposing their opinions on the rest of the world! Screw them, I say! It is they who should be taking a hike *pun intended*!