Thursday, September 29, 2011

This is Really Terrible, But It's All I Got Right Now.

(Soon my song Gyllenhaal Sandwich will be out on the market, keep a look out)

Enjoy the stream:

My nail is slightly broken and I keep filing it through my teeth trying to smooth it out. I don’t know where anything is. It’s a jumbled mess and it’s not over. Messes. Menses. Not yet but soon I’m sure. Tree life plant life lean life fo. For real. It’s cold. Not freezing. Actually just right except my hands are ice. Ice. Ice. So nice. In a glass of water. Cut off. Stand off. No thought. Just go. Have you gone, or will you go and when if you have not? Finding mysteries. Real life not books. Books are better than real life. Sometimes. This nail really irritates me. I need to get laid. Laid. Like someone laying lying on top of me. Or the other way. Or sideways. Either ways. It will have to be a woman cuz I’m off the pill for real. Thank the goddess. She’s smiling down. And I’m centering myself and the world will soon be mine. That’s probably true, they probably put other drugs in pills to keep women from being fully successful. Idk. If that were true more lesbians would be successful. Not like there aren’t any. All she wants to do is dance and make romance. Maybe not romance. Maybe just straight up sex. It’s like before when I could get it whenever I wanted it I wasn’t tempted. Maybe I’m just turned on by the challenge. The risks. The possibility of rejection. Though I like to think it would be difficult to say no to this. But people have. And it’s been their loss. Lost. They were lost. But it’s okay. Not their fault. Jake Gyllenhaal, the only guy I’d fuck. Or maybe someone who looked just like him. And he wore a condom. Though I still get high school worried about that stuff. Like let’s go ride some roller coasters and drink wine coolers just in case. Just in case you haven’t noticed. I never run late. The wheels of fate of told me what? Go with the flow. Be the flow. Follow no. no way. Lead the way, not today but after coffee. I will find a file. I will be filed under ____________? I’m sure only the government knows. Though I doubt I’m on their watch list. But wouldn’t that be cool? I’m not revolutionary enough, I’d like to be. Be the change, blah blah. Better than asking for change I guess...and I mean that in more than one way. Off to work she says. Off to work. Work. Why do we do that? What is the point? I discovered a good point about myself last night, but I need more time to dwell on it, to make sure it’s right. In the meantime, kisses and wishes for a future full of clean dishes.

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