Thursday, May 5, 2011

9 Random Thoughts.

1) Looking at a blank white “sheet” of paper in Word is slightly exhilarating to me, mainly because I’ve been working on that book. Having the opportunity to write whatever I want is exciting and scary; it makes me look forward to the day when the book is done (who knows when that will be).

2) There have been several spiders that have made our bedroom wall their place of death. I find this odd. And it makes me wonder how many are alive creeping around while we sleep.

3) I don’t understand what’s going on with myhair. Granted I did plenty to it in the past few months for it to have a misunderstanding with me, but I don’t like where it’s going. It has a bad attitude. I’ll have to straighten it out.

4) There are too many ingredients in a regular tube of chapstick.

5) I wonder what people in big houses do all day in their big houses; I wonder if there are some days when they are at home and they don’t even go into all the rooms they have. I can’t imagine being that rich and not feeling guilty about all the poor people who sleep ten to a studio. I sort of wish one would offer us half of their house on the side of a mountain. I’m pretty sure, considering the size, they’d never even know we were there.

6) I click on facebook too much. I always expect something to be happening, and though something is always happening, nothing is also happening. Everything and Nothing. I wait for the red. I click and wait for more red. It’s like the mailbox. I go and get it, then I forget and go and get it again only to discover there's nothing there (that only happens every once in a while).

7) I enter at least 5 internet contests per day. I will win a trip. I will win a trip. I will win a trip. Or a "dream" "green home", or a trip, either way.

8) In the past three weeks, I've meditated daily 80% of the time. I don't know if it's done anything. I don't know if I'm doing it right. But at least I don't feel guilty about not doing it anymore.

9) Love will find a way. (as the postcard says on my desk.)

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  1. You almost always nail it with your final few sentences - and once again, the ninth random thought was spot on, a good one to end with! :-)
    Also, meditation rocks! Hmm, just made me wonder - what if I were to be selling a product that was these nice rounded rocks/stones for meditation and tranquility? Each time I would say "meditation rocks" (the verb), it would come off as a shameless sales pitch (the noun)!
    And finally, the phrase "straighten it out" sounds like such a great pun to be applied to any thought regarding hair! :-)