Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Password is Protected, Even From Myself.

The other day I went to get some cash out of the atm at a cash-only bar.

I put my pin number in and waited and waited.

I realized as I stood there that I could no longer actually remember my pin number and that the number I had put in was just some random concoction I imagined was the correct number, but sadly it was not.

What happened to it?

I cannot figure it out.

I blame it entirely on information overload. I must have signed up one too many passwords. A human brain may only be capable of storing a particular number; I agree after 20 it sort of gets out of control.

I mean, how many different log-ins do I have. If I sit and count, it comes to around probably 15...maybe 20. Maybe more and I just don't remember (ha).

I've had that pin number for about four years now. You think it wouldn't just disappear from my brain, which makes me paranoid that there is something wrong with my brain. Maybe I have a tumor or something. I hope not because that would be a mess.

I guess I need to write everything down somewhere, which sort of defeats the purpose of security.... but its better than going through the mess of getting a new pin...or password. Waiting around for wherever I logged in to email me back what I've forgotten.

Time to start doing more brain exercises...I guess reading and writing and thinking are not enough for my memory.

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