Thursday, May 26, 2011

Because Reading Shouldn't Always be Easy: Stream Dream

And the little piggie went wee wee wee all the way home. home is where your heart is. where your fart is. fart boxed this room. not right now. but while we were sleeping. while you were sleeping a man crept into your bed. bed would be nice. soft. warm. sleepy. sleep time. applesauce covered in raisin moss. don't cross the cross walk. jesus on the cross, don't stop.


bell jar ball jar what is the difference i will have to look it up google search search and assist desist insist incest insects inspect it all and figure it out. be the change you want to see. see change, sea change rearrange in my pants. balls. i don't have those. and i am glad. paper stars and words unheard throw it back to an attack of youth. proof that it was all for nothing, for everything, for what it is. it is what it is. cruelty free and humanely can those really be connected. connection section, reconnection, dots. sugary sweet sticky green pink red yellow. pink are the best. strawberry but who could really tell that. coffee pot and a parking lot. paradise. by the dashboard lights. meatloaf, who invited that. and why. battery operated device, not lice, ice. cream in your pants when you realize your death. your dead. already. didn't you know?

And it's all a show. a game. a place for races and traces and laces and faces. my face. your face. strange faces. face the music. okay. i like music. lust trust truce loose, lose yourself in words and ideas. images, lighting, light fixtures. picture this, me on a hill by a stream butterflies, flowers, a warm breeze. relax. lax. smack yourself back into reality. tv. people still watch it, but i don't know why. it bides the time. bide. bid. baby bib. rib. baby back ribs. people still eat those. even though they're called baby back ribs. again. and again i see fans. air moving in beat to the street to the stream to the long and narrow road to nowhere going home to nothing to no one to the deep dark empty spaces of places left unseen. hidden caves and pockets of dreams.

take a breath breathe.

we are only a stitch in a seam.

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