Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What's the Opposite of a Foot Fetish?

I have come to realize why my mom wears her tennis shoes all day and all night long. I used to think it was a neurotic habit (no offense mom), putting on shoes right out of the shower and not taking them off until right before going to bed; but after the past two days I'm considering a similar habit. So far I have stepped on, a screw, a jagged piece of chip, two minuscule pieces of glass that some how made it into my bedroom though I don't recall ever breaking anything in there. I slammed three toes into my dresser (don't even ask me how that happened) and while wearing flip flops got my other foot's toe caught under the door while moving a giant dresser from the street to our apartment (it is for sale if you're interested).


Mom. I now, after twenty six years, understand.

Though wearing shoes for twelve hours is so restrictive. I feel like my feet stop breathing. A better solution would probably be to sweep all the floors in the apartment and maybe pay better attention to where I'm stepping.

I can't imagine never walking barefoot through cool grass again or dipping my toes in a stream. I will have to come to a happy medium soon because I don't know if they can take much more abuse.

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