Thursday, May 12, 2011

Time Apart for a Better Time Together.

Ryan and I have been together for over five years. I mean literally together. Besides the one semester he was finishing school in Hays and I was starting school in Chicago we have not had more than a day or two apart.

Until now.

And I must say this is a necessary element to any relationship.

Time apart.

I'm surprised we've been able to stand each other this long without ripping each other's hair out--particularly during my final semester in grad school, boy was I a hag from hell.

Anyhoo. I went to New Orleans for a short weekend and it was like a breath of fresh air (minus the fresh air--more like spilled old beer) and now he's going to L.A.

This means I can leave huge piles of clothes all over the house, eat all the food without sharing, get really really drunk and know no one will hear the stupid things I am saying. And best of all, have time to miss him.

That's super important. Because sometimes, well all times, when a person, any person is around another person for too long they both start irritating each other.

How many friendships are ruined when they become roommates?

Good thing he is patient or else this would have ended long ago. Because I can't imagine that I'm really that fun to live with, just that he's calm and puts up with it... probably due to love but maybe just because he's nice. IDK.

Anyway. As I was saying. It's good for couples to spend time away from each other. We're going to have to start having more separate vacations more often.

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