Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Reality TV and the Presidential Race. Who Are You Going to Vote For?

I heard rumors that Donald Trump wants to run for president.

I think that congress should pass legislation that prevents any person who has had a reality t.v. show from running for elective office.

That would solve multiple problems (Sarah Palin).

I mean seriously, it's only fair, Trump and Palin have far more reach and recognition than anyone who is not rich enough to be on their own t.v. show. People vote by name recognition many if not most times; hence why we see thousands of signs in people's yards, windows, etc. around an election.
So either reality t.v. stars can't run because they have an unfair advantage being in cable-owners homes on a weekly (maybe even daily basis) OR everyone running has to have one.

People used to joke (in a cynical sort of way) that more people vote for American Idol than they do for president. And yet, American Idol has been on for years and there still isn't an American President reality t.v. show. Why has it taken so long?

Could one really work anyway? I mean, who gets to edit it, produce it? What actually happens in it? How do the people get selected to be on it in the first place? Maybe it would work best if it was for the primaries instead of the final election. Each party could have their own show. Like Who's the Liberal of them All? Or How Conservative Can They Get? or something, I'm sure there are better titles floating around.

In any case, it should be all or no one. Right now--I'd much rather see a bill passed preventing them from running than see more reality t.v. shows.

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